Heightened emphasis on governance and compliance has paved the way for legal officers to assume a dramatically broader, more strategic role in corporate decision-making. Now, more than ever, the most successful in-house counsel are strategic business partners.

The Legal Search Practice of the Capstone Partnership has outpaced this evolution. For over 20 years, our candidates have consistently embodied those qualities our clients care most about: they can internalize business strategy and objectives, effectively communicate legal and reputational risks and, thereby, enable management to make informed choices within an acceptable legal risk profile.

This discerning methodology is applied across all of our work which is exclusively on behalf of the legal, compliance and government affairs functions of Fortune 500 Industrial companies as well as major financial institutions and private enterprises. We work in close collaboration with the leaders of these businesses in selecting the General Counsel who best fits their organizations. In addition, we advise the General Counsels on law department organizational structure, workforce optimization and talent acquisition.

We serve as our clients’ “eyes and ears” in the market, providing them with access to competitive market intelligence, legal department best practice trends, as well as insights from our extensive network of professionals from corporations, law firms and the public sector.