HR Talent Management Advisory

Our expertise in Succession Planning, Talent Management and Talent Acquisition helps HR executives challenge the norm and “up the talent game” in their organizations. We provide consultation that focuses on both the internal and external talent needs of our clients in order to:

  • Uncover and exploit the strengths in their current talent management practices
  • Develop new methods for executive recruiting, leadership development, and top talent mobility functions
  • Convert their talent strategy and succession planning into talent actions with measurable results

By combining the best executive search practices with management development and succession planning practices we can:

Mitigate the risk of Succession Planning by conducting a formal Talent Risk Assessment that examines the capabilities of your existing successors, not only against your needs today, but also against the longer term strategy of your business, the result of which is a ‘map’ of your talent strengths and gaps.

Emerging Talent
Examine your currently available talent against future business needs to identify actions that can enrich the pipeline of potential successors, and benchmark the emerging talent in the external market to determine the needs, if any, for talent upgrade.

Expand your pipeline of Successors through an external Succession Planning exercise which identifies top tier talent in the competitive landscape, and, as appropriate, cultivate relationships with those potential external successors. Adding an external component to your Succession Planning will reduce the inherent risks associates with internal flight and early retirements.