Business Principles

Building a business of consequence requires character, commitment and a long-term view.

Our success depends on the integrity of every relationship… with clients, with candidates, with colleagues.

  • Partnership is important to us –
    • With our clients as we deliver the talent needed to gain a competitive edge in today’s market and make insightful and differentiated assessments to ensure that matches are successful and enduring.
    • With our associates by enhancing the success of each member of our team in an environment that is challenging while remaining collegial and supportive. We provide opportunities for learning, growth and development; and we believe in concrete rewards for contributions that advance our organization.
  • Our assets are our people. Our reputation is based on the caliber of the people who work at Capstone and the quality of the work they perform.
  • We believe in an intensive client orientation as we combine the ambition, energy and ability of our people with an uncompromising commitment to deliver the highest quality service to every client, on every assignment.
  • Assignments are accepted only when we believe ourselves competent and confident of rendering useful and lasting service.
  • All clients, candidates and colleagues are treated with dignity and respect.